We are software development, training and consultancy company.

We provide highly skilled Django application development, deployment and scaling services.

Providing services since 2013

Besides development and consultancy services, we’ve organized many developer conferences, hackathons in Turkey and Austria.

Area of expertise

Building Django applications since 2008. We are highly experienced on Python and Ruby programming languages. Following best development practices. We are mostly focused on backend development.

We love using and building UNIX tools!

Bash utilities, Ruby gems, Python packages and small tools written Golang!. We use git for revision control to various deployment automation.

We use test-driven-development (TDD) philosophy in our projects. Don’t forget to check our services page for more detailed information.

These keywords define us!


Some of our clients

  • İstanbul Bilgi UniversityDjango contrator and devOps
  • Biges Güvenli Hayat TeknolojiDjango contractor
  • Hürriyet Newspaper, Web TeamTraining: python, git, unix, devops
  • ING Bank, TurkeyHackathon organization
  • Getir.comHackathon organization
  • AslanobaTraining, devops
  • Cosmo Code, GermanyDjango contractor
  • PayUTraining: python, django
  • Demirören TeknolojiConsultancy

News Letter

Upcoming training services, blog posts, job-hires and more...

Past Events

Kod.io 2013, Developer Conferenceİstanbul
Kod.io 2014, Developer ConferenceLinz
Codefront.io 2014, Frontend Development ConferenceLinz
Failconf.io 2014, Startupsİstanbul
Hack-ing.io 2014, ING Bank Hackathonİstanbul
jsist 2014, JavaScript Conferenceİstanbul
ING Bank Hackathon 2015İstanbul
Getir Hackathon 2015İstanbul
ING Bank Hackathon 2016İstanbul
Cracking the Interview 2018, with Bilgem Çakırİstanbul