We provide development, training and consultancy services to individuals and institutions.

Development Services

  • Django application development from scratch
  • Django application migration, upgrade to latest Django and Python versions
  • Django application maintenance, deployment and monitoring
  • Django RESTful API backend development
  • Django code review and refactoring
  • Ruby static site generation with Middleman
  • Ruby api-backend development with Sinatra
  • Ruby micro-website development with Sinatra
  • Golang micro service development for rest/gPRC api services
  • Convert 3rd party services to Golang services or packages
  • Frontend applications/clients with VueJS
  • Frontend applications/clients with ReactJS
  • Backend applications/clients with NodeJS
  • Bash script task automation tools

DevOps Integration Services

We provide continuous integration and deployment services for Python, Django, Ruby, NodeJS, and Golang projects to following platforms:

  • TravisCI
  • CircleCI
  • Buddy
  • Codeship
  • DroneCI

Custom ssh deployments, auto tagging and zero-downtime deployments.

Consultancy Services

Drop us a line! Let’s arrange a meeting/hangouts for your next project!

We provide following services:

  • Python, Ruby, Golang and JavaScript based project development
  • Project design, planning and analyze
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Tech-stack planning
  • Team and operation management
  • Developer relations
  • Recruitment service
  • Platform migration
  • Data infrastructure planning
  • Conference organization and management
  • Hackathon organization and management
Picture from 2014
Picture from ING Hackathon 2015

Training Services

We provide training services for following topics: (* coming soon)

  • Python, Ruby, Golang, JavaScript *
  • Django, Flask, Ruby on Rails *, NodeJS *
  • ReactJS *, VueJS *
  • GNU Linux Command-Line
  • Linux provisioning
  • CI/CD integration
  • Git revision control
  • GitHub, Gitlab

Please visit our training page for more detailed information.

Picture from Web Training session